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2L - the MQA experience
2L - the MQA experience
2L - the MQA experience
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2L - the MQA experience

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This collection from the 2L catalogue was initiated as a cover mount MQA-CD for the December 2020 edition of AUDIO Magazine. Each track has been "white-glove" treated from its original master source to MQA encoding.

Carol of the Bells (Peter J. Wilhousky / Mykola Leontovych)
Det Norske Jentekor & Tord Gustavsen, conducted by Anne Karin Sundal-Ask
From the album «stille grender» (2L-164-SABD)

Magnificat: Et misericordia (Kim André Arnesen)
Nidarosdomens jentekor & TrondheimSolistene, conducted by Anita Brevik
Lise Granden Berg, soprano
From the album «Magnificat» (2L-106-SABD)

Danza Alta sobre «la Spagna» & Hopper Dancz «Routi Bouilli» (Francisco de la Torre & Johann Weck)
Nordic Brass Ensemble
From the album «European Tour» (2L-128-SABD)

Kyrie (Frode Fjellheim)
Cantus & Frode Fjellheim, conducted by Tove Ramlo-Ystad
Snorre Bjerck, percussion
From the album «Spes» (2L-110-SABD)

Le Tombeau de Dupré: Prelude (Trygve Madsen)
Terje Winge, organ
From the album «Organism» (2L-123-SABD)

Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue in D minor, BWV 903: Fantasia (Johann Sebastian Bach)
Christian Grøvlen, piano
From the album «BACH — Inside Polyphony» (2L-139-MQA)

Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge: Romance (Benjamin Britten)
TrondheimSolistene (Trondheim Soloists), conducted by Øyvind Gimse
From the album «Reflections» (2L-125-SABD)

Blågutten (Geir Bøhren & Bent Åserud, arr. Jan Gunnar Hoff)
Hoff Ensemble: Mathias Eick (trumpet), Børge Petersen-Øverleir (guitar), Jan Gunnar Hoff (piano), Arild Andersen (bass) and Rune Arnesen (perc)
From the album «Quiet Winter Night — an acoustic jazz project» (2L-087-PABD)

Villanelle (Paul Dukas)
Steinar Granmo Nilsen & Kristin Fossheim
From the album «The Horn in Romanticism» (2L-162-SABD)

Ujamaa: America (Henning Sommerro)
Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Ingar Heine Bergby
Lena Willemark, kulning and vocal
John Pål Inderberg, saxophones
Rik De Geyter, bass clarinet
Espen Aalberg, percussion
From the album «Ujamaa & The Iceberg» (2L-146-SABD)

The Elder (Jan Gunnar Hoff)
Hoff Ensemble: Jan Gunnar Hoff (piano), Anders Jormin (bass) and Audun Kleive (drums)
From the album «Polarity» (2L-145-SABD)

Come Away, Death (Gerald Finzi)
Marianne Beate Kielland & Sergej Osadchuk
From the album «Come Away, Death» (2L-064-SACD)

String Quartet No. 3: Animato (Ståle Kleiberg)
Atle Sponberg, Anders Larsen, Ole Wuttudal and Øyvind Gimse
From the album «Do You Believe in Heather?» (2L-152-SACD)

Violin Concerto no. 4 in D major KV 218: Allegro (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
Marianne Thorsen & TrondheimSolistene, conducted by Øyvind Gimse
From the album «MOZART Violin Concertos» (2L-038-MQA2016)

Echoes & Shadows (Kristin Bolstad) Stemmeklang
From the album «Tomba sonora» (2L-155-SABD)

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Album title
2L - the MQA experience

Compilation, various artists and composers

NOMPP-(original release)
Disc 1
HD file distribution
MQA stereo
Disc 2
Release date
December 2020
Recording date
Various acoustic venues, Norway
Original source
DXD (352.8kHz/24bit)